Commercial Services and Incorporation in the Kamloops Area

Corporate and Commercial Services

Incorporating a Company

There are many advantages to incorporating a business into a legal company. Firstly, the principle of limited liability provides that business participants are not liable for good faith acts done for the company. Additionally, some tax advantages, such are reduced tax rates and tax deferrals, are available through the corporate structure. The opportunity for income splitting with family and associates is enhanced. Further, the ability to include employees as shareholders may provide incentive for improved business performance. As a company has perpetual life, it may be used for tax and estate planning. A detailed review with your accountant or lawyer is recommended in almost all cases.

Annual Reports and Filings

A company is required to maintain a register and records office, and to file annual reports. A records office must maintain up-to-date registers, and copies of some documents are required to be made available for inspection by creditors or the public. If these are not maintained, your company may be dissolved by operation of law. We efficiently provide these services for a nominal charge to allow you to avoid these problems arising from not maintaining proper corporate records.

Agreements Among Shareholders

In many cases, there are complex arrangements amongst the various participants of a business involving the advancing of monies and guarantees, participation in the day-to-day operation and management of the business, the retirement or death of any participant, and the breakdown of the relationship of the participants. Shareholder agreements and buy-sell agreements can define these rights and obligations in advance, and avoid costly and hurtful disputes from arising in the future.

Agreements with Outside Parties

There is often an advantage in having your lawyer review and design common business forms such as credit applications, invoices, reminder statements, proposals, quotations and other business correspondence. In many cases, participation by your lawyer in the design of such business master documents can prevent costly and awkward situations from arising in the future. These agreements can be tailored to fit your business needs, which vary in almost all circumstances.

Commercial Services

Commercial services commonly include negotiating and drafting leases, security agreements registered in Victoria or elsewhere, loan agreements and documentation, collections of monies owing, priority agreements between creditors, lien searches and registrations, buying or selling of a business, trademark applications and searches, banking documentation, and many other types of agreements. We have the experience to cost effectively advise you on the need for these documents as may be necessary for your business from time to time.

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